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Dylan O'Brien makes me cry



this website is so toxic 

With a taste of your lips I’m on a ride


not all character development exists to make someone a better person

people turn into assholes, too. They become more  manipulative, arrogant, clingy, irritated… complex.

and that’s okay, that’s important.

explore that.

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the only reason i go to school is because i donn’t wanna be an unemployed college drop out. i wanna be an unemployed college graduate 

thats the spirit


I hate when you find someone soooooo attractive, but when they open their mouth, you lose interest.


Why? I watched a father very firmly tell his little boy “No, you can’t have that Rapunzel dress.” The boy was near tears until his dad continued, “That one’s way too small. Let’s find your size.”

Eventually, the little boy decided against the dress and, with his dad’s blessing, picked out a tiara instead, because “it’s better for everyday.”

Parenting: this guy’s doing it right.